Virtual Brew Club & Beer Share, April 7 2020

It had been a tough couple of weeks for the world as a whole due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been especially tough on residents of New York and New Jersey during this time with the area now being the epicenter of the crisis. During these times, everything has been shutdown except essential businesses and social gatherings disallowed. This has posed an issue with our most recent brew club meeting. Not only can we not meet face to face, but now we can no longer try each others freshly made homebrew. So – given the circumstances – what better way to meet and share than to hold a virtual meeting!

This past Tuesday, April 7th, the BCB Crew had its own virtual meeting. We discussed several ideas to stay in touch such as a home brewing book club, virtual happy hours/beer shares & bottle exchanges, and brewing the “All Together” Brew.

BCBC Book Club

The BCBC Book Club, just like any book club, will involve all interested members to participate in reading a few chapters a week of an agreed upon book. We’d get together the next week and discuss what we read the previous week. Some weeks it will be a book; other weeks may be a great home brewing article. The goal of the book club is to keep the group connected while also learning about new topics or processes or trends within the craft brewing/home brewing world.

Our first venture will be the unofficial bible of all beer brewing, John Palmer’s “How to Brew”. Reading will start on April 26, 2020 and there will be a digital copy available for you if you do not have the hard copy. The goal will be to get through two chapters a week with a weekly Sunday night meeting to break down and review what we learned. A shared notes space will be generated on the digital version and our discussion will be documented here on our site. Based on the

success of this endeavor we will evaluate the possibility of going through more complicated brewing books and incorporate other brewing disciplines such as Mead, Wine, and Kombucha. Hopefully we see you all there (virtually)! For those that want to learn but don’t want or cant commit to a book club we will also send out a monthly article that we will go over in meetings.

Bottle Exchange & Virtual Beer Share

The idea of not being able to try all of the BCBC members beers is a tough pill to swallow. So, we have decided to attempt to do a Bottle Exchange by dropping off bottles at one specified location so that we abide by the rule regarding no social gatherings and keep everyone safe. Due to the current situation, there are a few things that would need to be taken into consideration given that this would be “at your own risk”. We recommend everyone sanitize the outside of their bottles with sanitizing wipes such as Lysol wipes (or store bought equivalent) or Iodine before dropping them off. The drop off location will be at Daniel Levy’s house (address information to follow). Daniel Levy will then be sanitizing each bottle in Iodine as a second form of sanitation. The way it will work is everyone will drop off their bottles on one day and pick up the next. People who live farther away may drop off and pick up on the same day; however, they must do so in the morning. There will be two days for drop-off and two days for pickup. On drop-off days there will be a cooler on Dan’s front lawn and you’ll be asked to please place your bottle(s) in a bag and then into the cooler with the beer information/labels

Star-San does not kill COVID-19 so please sanitize as per the above!

If that doesn’t float your boat, we will be working on getting individuals involved in the craft brewing iundustry to lecture us about professional brewing. We are hoping to get John from Hackensack Brewery to join in, but will keep everyone posted regarding that event. We also will also be trying a beer share in which we feature a specific beer and/or brewery and hold a virtual meeting. This meeting may or may not be held during the same time as the bottle exchange and there will also be a list of people who can pick you up a beer from a brewery or liquor store if you cant go to one yourself. We’ll announce a brewery of the month, which will allow us to coordinate what we drink during our monthly meeting.

If that’s a little too much information for right now, we will send out an email and/or discuss during an upcoming virtual meeting so keep an eye out for that.

All Together IPA

The recipe was conceived by the brewers at Other Half in Brooklyn, New York, and is meant to raise funds for out-of-work hospitality professionals. So, what better way to support our local home brew shops by brewing this beer… then supporting the cause. Additionally, local craft brewers will be brewing the same beer so our plan is to find as many breweries and cans as we can then share/compare the craft style to our own and each others. We want to try to gather all the beers by the next home brew club meeting, so if you want to participate, plan your brew to be ready before then!

CLICK HERE for the recipe!

Hope to see Everyone at the next virtual event. Hopefully this all clears up sooner rather than later and we can all get back to our normal routine. Cheers!

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