Brewery Meetup – Bolero Snort, January 18 2020

All of us here in Bergen County and the Tri-State area are familiar with Bolero Snort. They’re known for their flavorful IPA’s, their use of fruit and milk sugar, and the hilarious bull-puns they use to name all their beers. Bolero Snort started brewing commercially in 2013 as gypsy brewers, which is a term used for brewers who contract and brew at various host breweries. After seven years, now they have something to call their own.

This past weekend, January 17th-19th, Bolero Snort finally – and I stress finally – opened up their long awaited taproom and brewery to the public! The Bergen County Brew Crew decided to hold our first Brewery Meetup of 2020 at the new brewery and we weren’t disappointed.

Their Tap List was full of brews for all palettes which included delicious pilsners, some very unique IPA’s, and a few over-the-top stouts. We were impressed by the quality of their beers and enjoyed most of the offerings on the tap list. Below is the entire list during their Grand Opening:

Grand Opening Tap List

  • Grazer – 4.2% Wheat Beer
  • CrushaBull – 4.2% Citra & Wai-iti IPA
  • Mild Mannered Bull – 4.4% Dark Mild
  • Maple Mild Mannered Bull – 4.4% Dark Mild w/ Maple
  • Hoofa – 4.9% Pilsner
  • Cucumber Lime Hoofa – 4.9% Pilsner w/ Cucumber & Lime
  • Mixed Berry + Mint Hoofa – 4.9% Pilsner w/ Berries & Mint
  • Hello… My Bull Pun Is – 5.5% Hazy IPA w/ Idaho-7 & Citra
  • OVB (Orange Vanilla Bullsicle) – 6.3% Orange Cream Pop IPA w/ Vanilla, Milk Sugar, & Orange
  • About Bucking Time – 8.1% Celebratory DIPA w/ Bru-1, Sabro, & Cryo Citra
  • Funfettit About Bucking Time – 8.1% Celebratory DIPA w/ Bru-1, Sabro, & Cryo Citra, conditioned on Funfetti cake batter
  • Dirty Snowbull Fights – 8.1% Double IPA w/ Vanilla & Milk Sugar, conditioned on PB
  • BullYum – 8.5% Hoppy Ale w/ Thai Chili, Ginger, & Lime
  • Peanut BullYum – 8.5% Hoppy Ale w/ Thai Chili, Ginger, Lime, & Peanuts
  • 20th and Bull – 10.5% Imperial Milk Stout w/ PB, Cocoa, & Vanilla
  • 20th and Bull Brownie Batter – 10.5% Imperial Milk Stout w/ PB, Cocoa, & Vanilla, conditioned on Brownie Batter
  • 20th and Bull and Jelly – 10.5% Imperial Milk Stout w/ PB, Cocoa, Vanilla, & Grape.

Some of our favorite brews included: Cucumber Lime Hoofa, Funfetti About Bucking Time, and 20th and Bull Brownie Batter. Cucumber Lime Hoofa was a unique take on the pilsner style. The cucumber and lime added a refreshing touch to the style. Funfetti was a fun brew, literally tasting like funfetti cake. At 8.1%, this brew will sneak up on you after downing a few glasses of the delicious golden liquid. The brownie batter iteration of 20th & Bull was delicious. Like Funfetti, Brownie Batter tasted like just that, a mouthful of brownies; however, it was very sweet and not something you could have more than a glass of.

Overall, the Brew Crew had an amazing time. We discussed future events and club meetings and drank some “Ragin’ Good Beer”. We’re excited about what the future holds for our club and are looking forward to more Brewery Meetups and Homebrew Meetings, opening the doors to new and veteran homebrewers.

Left to Right: Taylor, Ben, & Dan

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